Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open letter to Representative Brad Wilson

The redistricting commission final recommendation is to split Syracuse across 4 House of Representative seats.
If you do not speak out substantially against this, you really should change your title of representative to something else. A fair redistricting process or outcome would not change the partisan makeup of the legislature. The only thing republicans can gain by gerrymandering in this fashion is to relinquish their integrity that is already in question.

The recommended state senate map is far from fair or perfect. But at least they had the good sense not to provoke any more organization of opposition in Syracuse.

I am serious Mr. Wilson. If you do not make a public statement in opposition to this and if you go ahead and vote to adopt it, I will call publicly for your resignation and investigate what must be done to initiate a recall. You simply cannot call yourself a representative if you do not take up this banner for your constituents. Your duty is to represent them, not your party.

This whole affair speaks to the veracity of George Washington's farewell address that dividing up into factions and parties and striving with words and suspicions one neighbor and community against another would unravel our beloved republic. Indeed it seems to be so. Make your mark on history and do right by your district. You will not have to live with the regret of having gone along with the crowd.

Randy Miller, President
Utah League of independent Voters
Syracuse, Utah


  1. Excellent letter. This gerrymandering is a disgusting practice. It's certainly unethical; it should be illegal.

  2. The people have spoken and will speak again in mass at a rally 11:30 3 OCT at the capitol. It is time the people are HEARD and NOT HERDED like cattle to the slaughter Yes it is time for our elected officials to represent us, the constituents , not the PARTY the are affileated with. REALITY is the party has no power the people do